Contemporary Interior Design Mood Board – Personality, past & present

Contemporary Interior Design – The Confusion?

There is often a confusion over Contemporary vs Modern interior design. Below is a quick overview outlining the basic differences between the two…

Let’s Break The Two Down …

Modern Interior Design
Bassically, modern art movement’s inspire this style approach. Because of this, spaces tend to be defined by accent colours. The tendency is to use furniture and other elements with strong, clean lines. Because you want the space to reflect the art in the room, gallery style white washed walls are popular. The spaces often clean, mess free and open.
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Contemporary Interior Design
Design ideas are taken from different periods of style history. This forces the space to move away from the clinical tendencies of the Modern interior approach. More earthy tones and textures are introduced as well as curves in furniture design.

Why is this one of our favourite design approaches?

Contemporary Interior Design is a living breathing consciousness, it is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the designer psyche. It adapts, learns and develops as time goes on. Taking from the past and applying to the present, even bold enough to consider the future. The contemporary design of today will rightly evolve tomorrow.


Contemporary Interior Design – Personality, past & present

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